A. Rural Development

Agriculture in the backbone of India. Increase the productivity of agricultural produce will help to improve the overall economic development of country. But improving  the productivity of agricultural produce is not possible until & unless we handle the other various related issues.

We as a consultant may help to provide the solution regarding soil improvement, implementation of various agro based projects, simplification of various government schemes and other related issues.

Organic Products: Production of eatables has multiplied due to rapid increase in the Population. To feed all, production cycle has shorten using various chemicals. This result in basic property in foods has been replaced with chemical properties which is hazardous for health.

Number of diseases has grown and maximum people are under the influence of these diseases some way to other. These food items met the basic need of our body but due to intoxicated properties,  it harm the body and average living age come down sharply.

In view of this we has launched various products in the Category of Organic. These items are produced using Science of Natural-logy. Using these items, not only we may improve our health but also increase the tenure of healthy life.

B. Social Impact Analysis

In Today's scenario social impact has evolved from a pure public relations play to an important part of corporate strategy to protect and create value.

As today’s business landscape is increasingly influenced by the evolving pressures and preferences of consumers, regulators, and stakeholder groups, social impact plays an integral role in helping firms remain competitive and find new growth opportunities.

We as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Consultant may help the companies to fulfill their CSR initiative in the following manner:

-social impact analysis of the policies & products of the company

-do regular survey & market study to find out the reasons of drop in market share

-fulfill CSR goals through our NGO or associates

-preparing CSR projects & its implementation

-suggest various social schemes


Finance Sense: While an understanding of the financial system is useful to all informed stakeholders, it is particularly relevant to business managers. They participate in decisions which can be taken better if they know what instruments are available for financing business projects, what services are offered by financial intermediaries, how do financial market work, what signals are provided by financial prices & returns, where can surplus funds be parked, what regulatory infrastructures applies to the financial system, so on and so forth

Management Skill: Considerable managerial time, attention & energy is devoted to identify, evaluate, and implement investment projects. When we look at an investment project from the financial point of view, we should focus on the magnitude, timing & riskiness of cash flows associated with it. We need to find out the answer of following questions:

-What is the optimal debt:equity ratio for the firm?

-Which specific instruments of equity & debt finance should the firm employ

-When & how to raise the finance and its pricing

-What would be the efficient & effective working capital cycle

Risk -Return Analysis: Many financial problems involves cash flows occurring at different points of time. For evaluating such cash flows, an explicit consideration of time value of money is required. There are various methods/ techniques for dealing with time value of money and their applications to security valuation.

Once we able to measure the risk factor in future cash flows properly, an appropriate risk-adjusted discount rate should be may be applied to convert future cash flow into their present value. It it crucial factor in business & equity valuation.

We assist our clients in creating or expanding their business opportunities through right kind of solutions & strategies. Hardcore professionalism coupled with utmost dedication towards client specific satisfaction is our mantra of success. The services provided by us are highly personalized and are designed to suit client’s specific requirements, thus bringing them maximum benefit.

We are a dynamic professional services firm with a difference. The creativity, experience and knowledge of its professionals that understand the evolving needs of client's businesses and deliver innovative business solutions that help clients achieve their goals. We are Knowledge -firm and is recognized for delivering Value to clients.

Our mission is to provide our clients with complete solution in the field of corporate finance, project appraisals, business valuation, detailed project reports, due diligence and management consultancy.

We are committed to provide high quality consulting services to help our clients to accomplish better bottom line results in extremely competitive market environments and to create lasting value to their business. We offer clients a variety of distinct consulting services as well as comprehensive services customized to their individual needs and budgets.


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