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While an understanding of the financial system is useful to all informed stakeholders, it is particularly relevant to business managers. They participate in decisions which can be taken better if they know what instruments are available for financing business projects, what services are offered by financial intermediaries, how do financial market work, what signals are provided by financial prices & returns, where can surplus funds be parked, what regulatory infrastructures applies to the financial system, so on and so forth



Considerable managerial time, attention & energy is devoted to identify, evaluate, and implement investment projects. When we look at an investment project from the financial point of view, we should focus on the magnitude, timing & riskiness of cash flows associated with it. We need to find out the answer of following questions:

-What is the optimal debt:equity ratio for the firm?

-Which specific instruments of equity & debt finance should the firm employ

-When & how to raise the finance and its pricing

-What would be the efficient & effective working capital cycle



Many financial problems involves cash flows occurring at different points of time. For evaluating such cash flows, an explicit consideration of time value of money is required. There are various methods/ techniques for dealing with time value of money and their applications to security valuation.

Once we able to measure the risk factor in future cash flows properly, an appropriate risk-adjusted discount rate should be may be applied to convert future cash flow into their present value. It it crucial factor in business & equity valuation.

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