How to Win Friends

February 26, 2017 0 By Manoj

Practice the following things whish is generally accepted and found in the mostly successful persons towards mankind:

-Make yourself a personality with whom everyone likes to talk i.e. be light even if you achieves anything (position, reputation, wealth) in your life. Try to mingle with everyone around you whether old, young and children’s. People should like you. It will win their confidence in you and it will help you to build-up you path towards success.

-Try to make friends at every occasion which could happen if you speak everyone nicely without ego. The person in front of you could be rich or poor but do not try to ignore anyone.

-Introduce every time you meet to others which will help you to win new friends and their supports. Try to get the other person name straight with correct spellings and pronunciation which will reflect that you are taking interest in him/her.

-Make ensure that you do handshake with tight and full hand which reflects your right attitude towards people. It will show that you are taking interest in others. It is also a sign of leadership.

-Do not take that everyone is perfect in this world. People improve him/her but nobody is perfect. If you do not like something in somebody, it does not mean that you will not talk, walk and do business or live with her/him. It may possible that you not like something in your spouse; it does not mean that you will leave him/her due to that disliking.

-Everyone has its own mental set-up i.e. one may more emotional, another may be litter bit harsh, short tempered but you could not leave them due to that particular reason. Feed right things in your mind about that person without ignoring them. That will help them to improve gradually and one day they might be improved person.

-When someone became successful, he/she says that I become successful due to my efforts/endeavors. But what happen when the person fails in his/her venture, they blame the others, the situation, parents, family and friends. Here one need to understand that nobody likes that the people whom they love are unsuccessful. Parents, friend and spouse wish that you should be a successful. In this situation do not loose your temperament and try to convince your mind that everybody tried their best to support me in this venture but due to some mistakes that venture failed. It will help you to win the support of your friends, family and spouse and encourage you to do something again with new energy and efforts.