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Motivation indicates an inner force (whether self influence or by others) of a person’s mind and heart which take’s that person into a particular direction/situation/position. Sometime this force is so strong that a person persuaded to act accordingly. He/she fails to apply his mind and even unable to judge the situation whether the same is wrong or right. Here we can divide the force i.e. motivation into positive and negative depending on the type of force.

Example nobody wants to be a terrorist but when few negative elements force young children’s minds and divert them towards terrorist’s activities, they become terrorists. The children do not know the ultimate impact of such mind wash even when they grown-up as adult. They become so furious that while mass killing of people they don’t think even once. That is the impact of motivation.

Everybody has his/her own goal or ambition but there is one common connotation i.e. motivation which leads towards achievement of the target. Hence a person can set target easily but to achieve the same, he/she must be motivated enough which infuse energy just likes advertisements of health drinks.

Here we will try to discuss the positive side of the motivation only because we all want to succeed, grow and achieve our targets for which we need positive thought/idea. Negativity makes the person without friends, relatives and leaves them alone.

Some Important Aspects of Motivation

1.In motivation listening, understanding and accepting the things are very important. If a person is not willing to hear the other person what he/she saying, definitely they will not be motivated. Similar happens in the case of self-motivation when the person fails to hear his/her inner voice. To be successful one need to listen, understand and than accept the right thing. To fly in air by just listening and accepting the new business idea will not guarantee that you will succeed. But when you blend the understanding in between, chances of success are higher.

Example: Mr. Maini while child taken a resolution which motivated him to invent “Reva” an electric car. He found the company in the year1994 and sells its major stake to Mahindra and Mahindra in 2011. It’s a successful story of an entrepreneur who converts his childhood dream into realty. That’s the motivation which forces someone to break the records and gives new paths of success. It took years to convert the idea into successful venture. He made electronic model in college time and after through study and research ultimately he succeed to invent “Reva”.

2.Motivation create desire in person to live longer, to set target and make path to achieve the same, to have fit & fine body, desire to set businesses/venture, to study or to have good life style. There is an old saying that “For every successful person there is always a hand of a lady”. It is true to some extend because when a person loves someone, some where in his mind there is family, have children and so on which motivate him to do something special or extra-ordinary or have more efforts to give good life style to family, to secure future of children’s that’s motivates him.

Motivation create desire to bring creativity, innovation, to implement the business model, to build sky rocketing buildings. But again desire to destroy the other is wrong because it will not only destroy the other but also put a long lasting impact on you. Hence always have positive and fruitful desire without hurting anybody.

3.When a person is confused, frustrated or fails in life or lost everything even family, to rejuvenate again, he/she needs re-generation of confidence. The question is from where this confidence comes. Answer is simple “motivation” to do something new, to settle life again, achieve new heights, stand-up again and courage to dream for prosperity and growth. It is good saying that “Koshish Karne Walo Ki Kabhi Har Nahi Hoti”.

Example: Everybody knows that Indian Premier League champion Lalit Modi who failed in many ventures he undertaken in his life. Father denied to support further. Then he made a business model and reached in head quarters of BCCI for selling the idea. His idea was too fantastic that the entire meaning of the cricket changed and rest is the history. That is a wrong in the eyes of Law but what he sold was really a genius business model.

Have you ever get a chance to speak to toppers in exam. They are well prepared for the exam and infuse lot of positive energy in ourselves. They have clear vision whether got from parents or teachers. They are well confident before and after the exam. There should always a target in the mind blend with confidence that we have to reach at the top.

But life is not a race hence while setting the target personal and social life should also be given equal importance because you can achieve success, money, respect, heights but if do not have health, family, friends and relatives then everything is waste. Sometimes people find themselves achieving victories that are empty--successes that have come at the expense of things (family, health, and friends) that were far more valuable to them. If your ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step you take gets you to the wrong place faster.

4. Faith is one of the important aspects of motivation in the sense that faith can move mountains. A person who has faith in himself/herself, any task done will give great results. The accuracy level will be very high. But from where that faith come, it is very important to understand. The faith is a positive energy which is infused by parents, seniors, GOD or self positiveness or friend or a well wisher. When the faith is shown by anyone, it fills a lot of energy and confidence in the person. That is another form of motivation. It means any positive energy infused in the person that clears his/her path of success is motivation. Faith in doctor save a person’s life, faith in teacher makes the student to crack the exam, faith in parents help a little child to stand on her/his legs.

When you have faith in others than only you can assign some task which improves relationship and create conducive working atmosphere, faith in each other binds and improve relationship of husband and wife, faith wins friendship, faith in GOD help to live life without fear.

5. A child gets motivated to eat Parle-G or a lady to buy the beauty products on the basis of TV Commercials, a businessman gets motivated with a new business idea to covert the same into the realty. It shows how important is the motivation. But time factor is very important in motivation. Suppose the soldier is motivated to fight against the enemies when they (enemies) won the war has no use. Similarly after lost of cricket match in the World Cup-2011, Sri Lanka start to motivate its team is stupidity. Hence the person should know when, how or where hit the ball so that chances of catch the ball are minimal and chances to have maximum runs is high.

Benefits of Motivation

-Puts human resources into action, put targets and help to achieve the same

-Improves levels of efficiency and satisfaction

-Bring courage to do extra-ordinary tasks

-Leads to achievements

-Build and improve the relationship with others i.e. family, boss, society, friends, colleagues

-Leads prosperity and stability in life

-Bring cohesive working atmosphere, more adaptability and creativity