Agriculture is the backbone of India. Increase the productivity of agricultural produce will help to improve the overall economic development of country. But improving  the productivity of agricultural produce is not possible until & unless we handle the other various related issues. We need to handle the following issues as well:

-to check the diminishing quality of the soil;

-to bring new techniques which may help maximization of production in lessor amount of water as water level in earth is decreasing

-to control the use of bad chemicals which are affecting the health of all live creature & nature

-improve the supply chain Agriculture

-build-up cold storage

In view of above we have decided to form an Association which will provide advisory / consultancy related to all issues in agriculture. The Association shall function as follows:

-Bring all Farmer Producers Organisations and small farmers on the board.

-Bring all transport companies and cold storage units on the board

-Regular seminar shall be conducted on various issue related to agriculture

-Publication of detailed guidelines on agriculture

-Advice and consulting by very talented and experienced personnel’s

-Simplification of various schemes launched by GOI

-Arranging loan from various banks and financial institutions.

-Implementation of various agro based products

-Availability of sees and bio-fertilizers

-Availability of various equipment’s

Anyone looking to take advice and wants to join us as a member may write us at admin@mgcaps.com or ca.manoj31@gmail.com