Positive Attitude

February 26, 2017 0 By Manoj

Attitude means a mental position with regard to a fact or state. It reflects a tendency to classify objects and events and react it with some consistency. Attitude is not directly observable but rather is inferred from the objective and evaluative responses a person makes.

People with positive attitude are always at the win-win position. What is there inside that count? If we have positive attitude, it will win the hearts of all around us which is the biggest asset for anybody to get progress in life. People with positive attitude towards work, management, environment, colleagues, functionality and other things give their best as there is no mental hindrance or obstacle or fatigue.

Professor Erwin H. Schell (an American leader), says “There is something more than facilities and competence that makes for accomplishment. I have come to believe that this linkage factor, this catalyst, if you will, can be defined in single word-positive attitude. When our attitude is right, our abilities reach maximum of effectiveness and good results inevitably follows”

It applies to every sphere of life, including once personal and professional life. The positive attitude towards life gives long and healthy life, a sales man with positive attitude is a good salesman, and a student without positive attitude cannot be good student.

Factors that determine our attitude

There are primary three factors that determine our attitude. They are:

A. Environment: If we have good and loving atmosphere at home we will be active, healthy, living without any tension. It means we will love whatever we do. At office we will behave friendly with our boss, colleagues, clients and everyone.

In a positive environment, a marginal performer’s output goes up; it increases enthusiasm of the person, whereas in a negative environment; a good performer’s output goes down.

We need to step back and look at what kind of environment we have created for ourselves and those around us. It is tough to expect positive behavior in negative environment. But we may try to be positive.

A person can not create a positive environment by just wishing but he/she may practice to make the same positive. But how dramatic a life may be which force one towards negativity or positivity. The following examples reflect the same:

-One of my friends told me that – “My father expired when I was just 2 years old. I and my mother faced near died situation being neglected by the society and you say that I should have positive attitude towards this society”. He has lots of complaints to the GOD and this society. He is not interested even to think positive for anybody.

Here one thing should be noted that everyone faces different types of problems in their lives. Now whatever you got earlier in your life can not be changed. But you may live either crying for the entire life or make the things cheery and enjoy whatever you have with positive mind set. This will result in growth, success, achievements and prosperity. If one tries to become positive, definitely he/she succeed to be positive which will ultimately bring happiness in his/her life along with others.

-One of my friends born and brought up in a middle class family. Parents have lots of burden and responsibilities. They failed to give the child a positive atmosphere due to family problems, health issues, parents are less educated, low income, and several other issues. All time quarrels in the family make the boy mentally sick. He thought that only earning money and power is the ultimate solution to overcome all the issues/hurdles of life. He fails to develop the positive attitude towards family, friends and relatives and in his mind money is the only ultimate motive. But when he grown-up in life, he realized that negativity makes you so crazy that even your spouse and children start to hate you.

-A person from business family can easily understand the things relating to setting-up new business/venture, management control & supervision, how to command,  etc as he/she see/hear the business success stories from childhood. All these factors helps him/her to develop the positive mind/passion regarding business whether the existing or new one.

Here we can say that environment is the most important factor/contributor which play very important role to develop a positive or negative attitude.

B. Experience: A person when born does not know what type of environment (positive or negative) she/he will get. When they grown-up in life, they start to feed their mind as per the atmosphere, people, friends, relatives they have. In childhood they do not know whether things are positive or negative. It depends on the parents who guide them. Here one may or may not get a mentor who cans shows the path which goes towards positive attitude. But everyone does not get this type of training which could help him/her to get the right path. Persons in young age run for livelihood, they need aggression, to use their entire energy to take care family. They don’t have time to think to improve their behavior, attitude and character. Even when parents say something they don’t hear them.

But when times passes and we practically see the things happening around us, we learn that how negativity kills our relationship with near and dear one.

Only aggression does not help to be successful, one needs to be calm while planning and implementing/executing the things. For example the businessman who succeeds to get all the approvals from government department timely can meet the targets in contrast to others. Here great amount of patience require with positive mind set, which comes only from experience and maturity.

We normally see our father or grand-father speaking about positive things whether towards relatives, friends, neighbors or any other person. They try to take all the persons together in unity. They are calm; don’t show unnecessary eagerness, away from ego, anger and aggression. They understand all the conditions of life whether good or bad.  All these characters develop over the period of time. This state of mind is called maturity. The person who develops all these things as earliest in life is the happiest person.

But if somebody practices to develop the above characteristics they start to live healthy life. If someone feed only positive thoughts in mind and practices the same, he/she becomes a positive personality as there is old saying that “when a person practices hard to learn/do something, one day he/she becomes expert in that particular field”. If you want to build and maintain a positive attitude, get into the habit of living in the present and doing it now.

C.Education: The person can practice to make its attitude positive. But How? That’s the biggest question. If a person does not get any mentor, parents fails to guide, what is the ultimate solution. Here education can help a person to develop positive attitude. Education gives goal, path of success. Research says educated people are more civilized. Civilization gives good atmosphere, good atmosphere put the foundation of good thought i.e. positive attitude. The educated person easily differentiates the good and bad as they have the power to think beyond a point.

Education make the path smoother by helping you to set target, make business plan, understand a particular situation, market condition and government policies, help to implement and execute the plan.

For example

-MBA helps a person in becoming a good manager; it makes the person smarter in setting-up business goals and how to achieve the same. It means a person having well theoretical knowledge initially helps to build-up confidence in himself/herself and in the person with whom they are dealing with (employer, clients, employees, colleagues). Confidence is one of the tranche of Positive Attitude.

-In today scenario there is culture of professional CEO/COO. The persons developed the skills and expertises in particular field are getting appointed by the companies for top position. Even the old traditional styled and family owned companies have change their view and they are in the process of appointing professionals in board and for key positions.

Note: Exceptions are present everywhere. A person without good environment and no formal education can have positive attitude developed over the period of time. Hence above discussion is not an exhaustive one. Things changes person to person and time to time.  

Why we need to develop the positive attitude

-It keep you healthy as it brings down mental stress

-Setting-up and achieving the goals of life whether a business success and expertise in any field

-Help to serve your client with best solution

-Bring enthusiasm

-Improve relation with family, relatives, friends and colleagues

-Increase productivity and make a person more efficient/brighter

-Improve the atmosphere at home, office, club and everywhere you go

-Keep you active as it strengthen the inner power and bring down fatigue

-Bring respect and fame